On the Scene! Episode 3 is Live!


I love the new training mode fight request feature in Ultra. There’s a very good chance that all future ranked match videos will follow the format that I used today. I kept the footage all in one take, because it didn’t feel right to edit out one particularly painful match (even though its… wow. It’s brutal, y’all.) It ended up being a particularly long video–my longest, actually–but when I can bounce so rapidly from a match where I try something and screw it up to training mode where I show you what it should have looked like, that’s just… I’ve been wanting this for a long time and I didn’t even know it.

The video is a return to Ibuki. I am still in the process of adjusting my muscle memory to the new chains that I should be using to maximize damage output. I’m also still getting used to the idea that landing a Super in a match should be happening a lot more than it used to. Since a couple of her target combos end with her in the air and her opponent ready to be juggled, Capcom’s intent is apparent: stop throwing knives at them so much on the ground; save them for the air!

I’ll see you next week!


I Finally Take My Ibuki Online Again to Pre-Game for the Ultra Update!

Ibuki1 My return to the world of YouTube has included a change in the title for the series. This is mainly because I wasn’t a huge fan of “Weekly Vortex,” but it also lets me keep a good grip on which videos occurred when because, you know, looking at the dates they were uploaded is pretty rough. Weekly Vortex is sort of like season one and the new On the Scene (still subject to change because I’m fickle when it comes to these things) is season two.

I’ve got a good mix of matches lined up and I hope that the new microphone has made me sound better overall. There are still some minor kinks to work out so that you guys don’t have to listen to me breathing–something like scooting the mic away from my face a few more inches–but that’s easy. I am also in the process of testing out a few different video editing software trials. If there are inconsistencies from week to week for a bit, I’ll be blaming them on that. This particular video was put together with the fabulous (compared to Windows Movie Maker) Sony Studio Platinum 13. It’s got tools that I haven’t used since Avid several years ago for some school projects.I had about six audio tracks running; it was awesome.

Since the Ultra update hits consoles on June 3rd, this will be my last Arcade Edition upload. Be sure to check back next Friday to watch me fumble around with the Ibuki changes. I’ll probably be botching all sorts of setups. Bring your earmuffs.

The Goofiest Weekly Vortex Ever. Seriously.

IbukinewsizeThis is the longest video that I’ve uploaded. It clocks in at just under 18 minutes and I honestly didn’t have the heart to cut any more of the footage than I did. I tried. I just couldn’t do it.

I had an incredible amount of fun recording these matches, and it probably has something to do with the fact that I had, just prior to playing, spent about five hours reading a book that I was just not into at all. I’m not, nor have I ever been a fan of the Romance genre, but hey, sometimes you have to read stuff that you don’t want to because it’s on the syllabus. For those curious, the book was Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie. It was well-written (as far as, like, word choice is concerned), but the pacing was just really off.  Way too slow. It could have been a short story. I also didn’t care about any of the characters involved; they were all pretty one-dimensional and served only to prop up the protagonist who I didn’t like. It felt like I was reading Bridesmaids and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep when I was watching that, so, yeah.

Anyway, this isn’t Lance’s Awesome Book Blog, so let’s get back to the video: I did live commentary this time and the hype levels got downright remarkable at a couple of points. The matches don’t really demonstrate my best performance, but man, I don’t mind that at all. It was the most fun I’ve had making a video for this site (and I’ve been making videos for close to a year now!)

So seriously, check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

The Results Are in! Also, There’s a Video!

IbukinewsizeThe poll closed a week ago today, and the answers were basically what I expected to see. All but a couple of stragglers said that they want to see more AE matches with Ibuki. The first-to-five idea was pretty popular (37.5%), as was the regular ranked match option (25%). In keeping with the votes, I’m going to see if I can get some people to agree to do some sets with me. It’ll be a good break from the online warrior style.

There’s something about being able to fight the same person several times in a row that changes the game. It helps to build a set of skills that apply directly to tournament play: learning to read how an opponent plays and being okay with losing a couple of matches to learn how to deal with what they’re doing. Ranked matches are the opposite. You get, at best, one round to figure out how the opponent plans to abuse your character. If you fail to figure it out in time, better be ready to, ahem, Hold that L.

Today’s video is just a standard ranked match lineup with some live commentary. I’ve been spending a great deal of time exploring Ibuki’s anti-air options and it’s starting to show up in my play. At least once in this video, I manage to follow an agemen with something damaging! The damage increase is substantial. It’s no SRK into ultra, but it’s certainly a start.

Ibuki anti-airs have fascinated me since around the time SFXT released. I was struggling with the necessary execution for her combos off of agemen in AE at the time, so the system in SFxT was a welcome change–it didn’t require a command dash cancel to do a follow-up. When I realized that, I made my first video. For the sake of nostalgia, here it is:

Life before my Elgato was difficult. I had to stack a pile of about 20 text books on top of my nightstand and park it in front of my TV to be able to record this footage. I seriously taped (yes, taped. scotch taped) my camera to the top book of the pile to guarantee a steady shot and hit record. The editing was a nightmare… and the screen is crooked.

More Ibuki vs. Bison and a Couple of Shotos in the Mix in Today’s Weekly Vortex

IbukinewsizeWhen I sat down for my recording session earlier this week, I ended up fighting the same Bison player several times. I had enough footage of Bison matches to make an entire Bison video. I almost did it, too. Then I realized that I still have obvious shortcomings in the match-up, so I decided to take a couple of the best matches and throw some shotos into the mix.

By now, I have an incredible amount of experience as Ibuki against Bison, the problem that I currently run into online is figuring out what type of Bison I’m fighting while also trying not to lose the first round by doing so. Some Bisons like buttons a lot more than others and will walk you to the corner with their s.MK; some Bisons seem only to throw specials and the occasional sweep and spend a great deal of the match turtling and punishing mistakes that you make; then there are the ones somewhere in between. It usually takes a round for me to figure out which style the Bison employs (and I probably don’t win that match) and then I’ve got an uphill battle on my hands.

All that said, I’m getting a lot better at punishing his bad decisions. I still really need to work on punishing EX psycho crusher with Ultra 2, but that comes with experience.

Back to the Basics: More Ibuki Ranked Matches in Street Fighter!


Today’s video is a return to Street Fighter. I have LOCAL SCENE!!!! (woo!) Marvel matches coming up for the first time in a couple of weeks, but before I have a chance to get to those, I have an appointment to face off in Street Fighter against a very special guest! The exact details will remain on the down-low until the footage is actually captured, so as not to get any hopes up, but I am very excited about what the next couple of weeks have in store for KunaiVortex.com! The video is set to be a first to three (or five, we haven’t decided for sure yet) and I should be recording this week at some point when our schedules sync up.

As this week has proven particularly busy already–incredibly long space opera (Leviathan Wakes) to read for class on top of the regular load, as well as a second interview for what could be a decent enough job, I’m going to be keeping the videos rather simple. I won’t be doing live or post-recording commentary, but the videos will still be uploaded and will contain the standard 3-6 matches, depending on how long each takes.

I’ve recently come under the impression that the perfect length for my video uploads is between the nine and twelve minute mark; they don’t take too long to upload at that length and, I hope, no one has time to get bored in that period.

Today is the last official day in the poll for future videos, so get those votes in! Polling will end at midnight EST!

Weekly Vortex 23: Chun-Li Ranked Matches

Chun Ultra KO

Today’s video is stylistically different than past videos, as I’ve decided to treat it like a standard Vlog. I chose this structure because I’m playing Chun-Li and my decision making, my neutral game, my combos, pretty much everything about my Chun-Li is borderline novice. That being the case, I didn’t feel commentary the most appropriate approach for adding voice to the video. As three matches take place in the background, I discuss my history with Chun-Li, what I like about her and what I don’t like about her in soothing baritone. Oh yes.

Also, be sure to vote in Tuesday’s poll if you haven’t already. I want to know what you guys want to see so I can make more appropriate content for future videos. Tell me what you like! The poll will be open until January 28th.