On the Scene! Episode 4 is Live With More Ultra Street Fighter IV Ibuki Ranked Matches!

The newest episode of On the Scene! just went live! I decided to not include the training lobby between matches because that made the video way longer than I intended. It’s a style that I’ll keep weaving in from time to time, but this week I wanted to get back to my roots. That means that I cut together some of the silliest matches that I’ve had! I’ll leave you guys to check it out. I hope you like it!


On the Scene! Episode 3 is Live!


I love the new training mode fight request feature in Ultra. There’s a very good chance that all future ranked match videos will follow the format that I used today. I kept the footage all in one take, because it didn’t feel right to edit out one particularly painful match (even though its… wow. It’s brutal, y’all.) It ended up being a particularly long video–my longest, actually–but when I can bounce so rapidly from a match where I try something and screw it up to training mode where I show you what it should have looked like, that’s just… I’ve been wanting this for a long time and I didn’t even know it.

The video is a return to Ibuki. I am still in the process of adjusting my muscle memory to the new chains that I should be using to maximize damage output. I’m also still getting used to the idea that landing a Super in a match should be happening a lot more than it used to. Since a couple of her target combos end with her in the air and her opponent ready to be juggled, Capcom’s intent is apparent: stop throwing knives at them so much on the ground; save them for the air!

I’ll see you next week!

Ultra Street Fighter IV Ibuki Impressions and Decapre Info Dump


I’ve had a week to get comfortable with Ibuki again and I have to say, she feels like a much stronger character overall. Sure, people can choose to spend an extra 11 frames on the ground after I knock them down if they want, but I’ve been following all of my setups by holding block (if I see that I haven’t gotten a hit) and then just tossing out a throw. I get teched a lot doing that, but it seems pretty safe at the moment. There are, undoubtedly, characters that can punish this, but it’s a good, easy strategy to fall back on at the moment while I continue to adjust to the idea that my setup timings aren’t always going to be as exact as they used to be.

Her improved walk speed makes a huge difference. I feel like I’m playing a different character when it comes to the neutral game, which was the worst thing about Ibuki in Arcade Edition. She just couldn’t play effective footsies all that well without taking serious risks with Tsumuji. Now I just sort of walk around and poke with 6+short and option select a Tsumuji. It’s a lot safer and people aren’t ready for Ibuki to have real mid screen options. It’s amazing how many people get hit by this stuff!

I’ve still been playing Decapre a lot, too. It’s always good to have pocket characters and shotos are so boring (though a pocket Ryu would absolutely be better.) I expect Decapre to be able to cover some of the matches that Ibuki is bad at due simply to the range of some of her buttons. Ibuki has classically had the most problems with characters who have incredible buttons, Bison in particular. If Decapre can out poke Bison, I may have to learn that matchup to cover my ass. There’s a distinct chance that Ibuki’s increased walk speed may have helped her tremendously in matchups like vs. Bison, though, so I need to take some time to try that out before I remain terrified of him for another iteration of the game.

Sad Decapre

I’ve been putting together a text file with an incredible amount of Decapre information so that I can keep everything that I’ve found fresh in my mind. It’s full of stuff that I’ve gathered from forum posts over on SRK as well as tech from various videos that have been popping up online. For those interested, I’ve dumped the information here. This will also double as a backup of the file for me because I don’t trust clouds.

Various Frame Data

1)      All non-ex versions of Cannon Strike have the same advantage. That advantage depends on how low to the ground the move is done. Lower = better.

Frame Traps

1)      c.LP, cl.s.MP xx Rapid Dagger xx Super

Block strings

1)      c.LK, c.LP, c.MP, s.HK | Notes: c.HK typically doesn’t hit here. Must use standing.

Anti Airs

1)      Psycho Sting xx FADC xx Air Throw [290 damage]

2)      Ultra 2 [254 damage] Notes: Guile input

3)      Air Throw [150 damage]

4)      Spiral Arrow [100 damage] Notes: weird to hit with air-to-air

5)      c.HP [100 damage] Notes: trades with lots of stuff

6)      cl.s.MP [60 damage] Notes: last resort; awkward spacing; trades with lots of stuff

Combos | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76YdMBfTTXE

1)      j.HK, c.LK, c.LP, c.MP xx Psycho Sting [283 damage]

2)      j.HP, c.LP, c.LP, c.MP xx Rapid Dagger [242 damage] Notes: can cancel Rapid Dagger into Super

3)      j.HP, c.LK, c.LP, s.LP, c.MK xx Razor Edge Slicer [238 damage] Notes: can do safe jump #1 after

4)      j.HP, c.LP, s.MP>s.HK, air throw [303 damage]

5)      j.HP, cl.s.LP, cl.s.MP, c.MK xx Razor Edge Slicer [275 damage] Notes: can do safe jump #1 after

6)      j.HP, c.MP, c.MP, c.MK xx Razor Edge Slicer [311 damage] Notes: can do safe jump #1 after

7)      j.HP, c.LP, c.HP, c.MK xx Psycho Sting [314 damage] Notes: may involve a 1 frame link

8)      j.HK, cl.s.HP, c.MK xx Psycho Sting [354 damage] Notes: allow cl.s.HP to hit twice

9)      EX Scramble xx Break, Spiral Arrow [220 damage]

10)   Ex Scramble xx Break, Ultra 2 [456 damage] Notes: Guiles input

11)   j.HK, cl.s.HP, c.MK xx Rapid Dagger xx Super [507 damage] Notes: allow cl.s.HP to hit twice

Corner Combos

1)      Spiral Arrow, Psycho Sting [220 damage]

2)      Spiral Arrow, Ultra 2 [436 damage] Notes: Guile input

3)      Scramble xx Break, Psycho Stinger [260 damage] Notes: must use LP or MP Psycho Stinger

4)      Scramble xx Break, Air Throw [250 damage] Notes: allows for safe jump #4 after

5)      Scramble xx Break, Razor Edge Slicer [180 damage] Notes: allows for safe jump #1 after

6)      Scramble xx Break, cl.s.MP [180 damage] Notes: causes air recovery; use as a reset

Safe Jumps | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0olwSh3ngGo&list=PLGCyYP9PoWfNbUazdvI4gI-4QuDirnLGh

1)      After Razor Edge Slicer: Do a slight delay before the neutral jump.

2)      After forward throw: Do a slight stagger before you jump.

3)      After back throw: Whiff a jab then jump right away.

4)      After air throw combo: [CORNER ONLY] Use the HK Scramble into HK Cannon Strike, timing will need some practice.

5)      After EX Razor Edge Slicer: Do the Scramble as soon as possible and cancel it to a HK Spiral Arrow at the peak of the jump. Is a cross-up.

Unblockables | http://youtu.be/sUog4RxojuE

Back throw, slight step forward, s.MK, j.LK


Friday I’ll have episode three of Of The Scene! ready to go. It’s Ibuki-heavy just like you guys like it.

Tarnot’s Ultra Street Fighter IV Day One Wrapup

Sad Decapre

The wait is finally over. At 6am EST this morning, the Ultra update hit Xbox Live. I’ve been excited about this new addition to my favorite fighting game of this generation since last July when I saw the announcement at EVO. So far, I have not been disappointed.

I started my day off by attacking the Ibuki changes. I set out to find a new way to play the character that doesn’t rely so heavily on vortex, but still involves a lot of mix up potential. After an hour or so in training mode, I was able to come up with a handful of new setups that revolve around the juggle property added to her LP>MP>c.HK>HK target combo, as well as the weird new recovery that her c.HK>HK causes. That’s right–if Ibuki tosses out the c.HK>HK without the two punches in front, she doesn’t get a juggle state. It’s weird, but I’ve come to like it, because she has even more options due to the two different statuses that she can inflict with this button. I put everything that I found into a video. Here it is:

I also spent half an hour or so with Decapre in training mode. I had a feeling that I was going to enjoy her. I didn’t, however, know just how much. She takes the best parts of Cammy and adds an incredible amount of mix up options and ridiculously fun combos. She’s, as far as I know, the only character in Ultra other than Hugo who can end a combo with an air throw. That’s a good way to win me over. Her only drawback is the fact that she is a charge character, but I’ve played enough Chun-Li in the past to be able to deal with that pretty well.

I’ll have a fresh batch of ranked match footage ready for consumption on Friday. See you then!

[edit] As of right now, I’ve put about an hour into casual Decapre matches with Breedo (Josh/Raspingwhatever). She’s main material.


I Finally Take My Ibuki Online Again to Pre-Game for the Ultra Update!

Ibuki1 My return to the world of YouTube has included a change in the title for the series. This is mainly because I wasn’t a huge fan of “Weekly Vortex,” but it also lets me keep a good grip on which videos occurred when because, you know, looking at the dates they were uploaded is pretty rough. Weekly Vortex is sort of like season one and the new On the Scene (still subject to change because I’m fickle when it comes to these things) is season two.

I’ve got a good mix of matches lined up and I hope that the new microphone has made me sound better overall. There are still some minor kinks to work out so that you guys don’t have to listen to me breathing–something like scooting the mic away from my face a few more inches–but that’s easy. I am also in the process of testing out a few different video editing software trials. If there are inconsistencies from week to week for a bit, I’ll be blaming them on that. This particular video was put together with the fabulous (compared to Windows Movie Maker) Sony Studio Platinum 13. It’s got tools that I haven’t used since Avid several years ago for some school projects.I had about six audio tracks running; it was awesome.

Since the Ultra update hits consoles on June 3rd, this will be my last Arcade Edition upload. Be sure to check back next Friday to watch me fumble around with the Ibuki changes. I’ll probably be botching all sorts of setups. Bring your earmuffs.

The Ultra SF4 Ultra Update Wish List

SSF4AE Title

Ultra Street Fighter Four, slated for realease early next year, promises a plethora of balance tweaks to the existing cast, the addition of five new characters and a handful of new stages in which to throw hams. But there are some features missing from the current iteration of the game that I feel desperately need to be added before any of this extra stuff can be exciting.

First, the game could really stand to allow players the ability to create and join Player Matches. Ranked Matches can be stressful and Endless Lobbies daunting. Sometimes you just want to hop in a queue, wait for someone else’s name to pop up, check out their win/loss ratio and disconnect status and then hop right in for some fights. Player Matches would not affect BP or PP, that would defeat the purpose; They could, though, have their own sort of win tracking just to allow players to judge who to fight and who to pass on, but that isn’t really necessary–purely a benefit I’d like to see added only if given the time.

Second, once a player match ends, allow the players to hit rematch to instantly dive back into another match. No more spending 30 seconds going through the lobby screens, no more sitting on character selection for a minute or so waiting for your opponent to decide if they want to pick Ryu for the umpteenth time, no more waiting for them to choose which ultra is best–seriously, do you really want to use ultra 2? Really?–and no more stage selection. Just a simple “rematch!” and right back into the action. Shaving off the few minutes between matches seriously adds up, especially on a tight schedule. I’ve had experiences where the time between matches was greater than the matches themselves, which drains out a lot of the fun. The addition of Player Matches could fix that problem.

Should the ability to rematch be added to Player Matches–assuming Player Matches are added at all–it would be ideal to allow for Endless Lobbies to actively shift to a “Player Match” mode when only two players occupy the lobby, regardless of its maximum capacity. Sometimes it takes a while for people to join an active lobby; Sometimes your buddy has to run to the store and grab a six pack before he accepts the game invite, but you still want to keep the lobby open for him to join when he returns, Coors in hand (poor beverage choice, by the way). The ability to actively shift between the two modes, depending on the population of the lobby may be asking a bit much, but talk about a quality of life improvement!

Speaking of quality of life improvements, what about streamers? I’ve watched lobbies run with an AFK (away from keyboard) host streaming in the past. Each time the winning player cycles through everyone and gets back to the host–who isn’t actually playing, mind you–they have to wait for the host to be cycled out and counted as away. It doesn’t take long, but again, removing these little periods of waiting stands to really increase the game’s hype potential. There are a couple of ways to fix this: First, add a host setting like is present in other fighting games (P4A comes to mind) which prevents the host from coming up in the fight queue entirely; Or, a slightly better option, allow players to toggle to “spectator mode” whenever they see it fit. This ability would enable streamers not only to host their streams without cutting into precious match times, but would also allow players to step away for a moment without worry of disrupting the flow of things and would let them hop back in when they were ready.

While we’re on the online modes kick, it’d be great to throw in an online Training Mode. If Capcom wants the title to grow well beyond where it is now, new players are going to have to be able to learn the game quickly. While online tutorials and forum posts are good, it’s hard to compete with the knowledge that can be gained from a good ol’ training session, even if it is across the country.

Lastly, learn from Mike Z. Skullgirls implemented two functions that honestly should have been standard in fighters from the moment tournaments began happening: A quick button check at the character select menu and a 15 frame hold period to pause the game so that start button slip ups don’t result in disqualification. There isn’t really much else to be said about these two features, they’re just awesome and need to be added.

Actually, no, for real lastly, make the fifth character Zubaz.

Source: Two Best Friends Play Wiki

Source: Two Best Friends Play Wiki


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