Happy Fourth of July! Let’s Celebrate With Ultra Street Fighter IV!

Every firework-blooded, apple pie-eating man and woman across this great nation spent today celebrating the most important birthday of all by launching explosives toward the heavens as if to say “You’re next!”

But I’m doing that later. For now, I’ve got a collection of the most patriotic Ultra Street Fighter IV matches that you’ve ever laid your Uncle Sam-lovin’ eyes on. So put on your bald eagle boxer shorts, grab a Coors (the Banquet version, not the Light version, because America doesn’t do half-assed flavor) and get ready to watch the Sonic Booms fly. For Freedom. For America.


Back to the Basics: More Ibuki Ranked Matches in Street Fighter!


Today’s video is a return to Street Fighter. I have LOCAL SCENE!!!! (woo!) Marvel matches coming up for the first time in a couple of weeks, but before I have a chance to get to those, I have an appointment to face off in Street Fighter against a very special guest! The exact details will remain on the down-low until the footage is actually captured, so as not to get any hopes up, but I am very excited about what the next couple of weeks have in store for KunaiVortex.com! The video is set to be a first to three (or five, we haven’t decided for sure yet) and I should be recording this week at some point when our schedules sync up.

As this week has proven particularly busy already–incredibly long space opera (Leviathan Wakes) to read for class on top of the regular load, as well as a second interview for what could be a decent enough job, I’m going to be keeping the videos rather simple. I won’t be doing live or post-recording commentary, but the videos will still be uploaded and will contain the standard 3-6 matches, depending on how long each takes.

I’ve recently come under the impression that the perfect length for my video uploads is between the nine and twelve minute mark; they don’t take too long to upload at that length and, I hope, no one has time to get bored in that period.

Today is the last official day in the poll for future videos, so get those votes in! Polling will end at midnight EST!