On the Scene! Episode 4 is Live With More Ultra Street Fighter IV Ibuki Ranked Matches!

The newest episode of On the Scene! just went live! I decided to not include the training lobby between matches because that made the video way longer than I intended. It’s a style that I’ll keep weaving in from time to time, but this week I wanted to get back to my roots. That means that I cut together some of the silliest matches that I’ve had! I’ll leave you guys to check it out. I hope you like it!


On the Scene! Episode 3 is Live!


I love the new training mode fight request feature in Ultra. There’s a very good chance that all future ranked match videos will follow the format that I used today. I kept the footage all in one take, because it didn’t feel right to edit out one particularly painful match (even though its… wow. It’s brutal, y’all.) It ended up being a particularly long video–my longest, actually–but when I can bounce so rapidly from a match where I try something and screw it up to training mode where I show you what it should have looked like, that’s just… I’ve been wanting this for a long time and I didn’t even know it.

The video is a return to Ibuki. I am still in the process of adjusting my muscle memory to the new chains that I should be using to maximize damage output. I’m also still getting used to the idea that landing a Super in a match should be happening a lot more than it used to. Since a couple of her target combos end with her in the air and her opponent ready to be juggled, Capcom’s intent is apparent: stop throwing knives at them so much on the ground; save them for the air!

I’ll see you next week!

My First Batch of Matches From Ultra Street Fighter IV!

Decapre Intro Glass Shatter

Last night, a few of the guys from the local FGC and I got together in a endless lobby. Everybody brought out all sorts of different characters–some new, some old–and threw hands with each other for the better part of a few hours. I got a ton of footage from the session and then chopped it up so that everyone’s main had a chance in the spotlight. I only played Ibuki a few times in this session, so I felt like showing some of my Decapre matches was more appropriate. There’s also an abundance of Rolento. Josh has this whole thing where he tends to usually win with that character, so finding a match without Rolento in it was… hard.

So far, I still really like Decapre. She has some really good tools to use at range (s.HK, s.MK), some really good air normals (neutral jump HP, j.HK) and her combos are incredibly satisfying. I think this satisfaction stems from being able to end a good deal of her strings with an FADC into an air throw. It just looks so brutal. Her mixup tools are pretty good, too, but they’re going to take some getting used to. I’ve been spoiled by mixup tools that don’t involve charge inputs.

Check back Tuesday for an in-depth write up on Decapre strategies that I’ve been working to employ.

Tarnot’s Ultra Street Fighter IV Day One Wrapup

Sad Decapre

The wait is finally over. At 6am EST this morning, the Ultra update hit Xbox Live. I’ve been excited about this new addition to my favorite fighting game of this generation since last July when I saw the announcement at EVO. So far, I have not been disappointed.

I started my day off by attacking the Ibuki changes. I set out to find a new way to play the character that doesn’t rely so heavily on vortex, but still involves a lot of mix up potential. After an hour or so in training mode, I was able to come up with a handful of new setups that revolve around the juggle property added to her LP>MP>c.HK>HK target combo, as well as the weird new recovery that her c.HK>HK causes. That’s right–if Ibuki tosses out the c.HK>HK without the two punches in front, she doesn’t get a juggle state. It’s weird, but I’ve come to like it, because she has even more options due to the two different statuses that she can inflict with this button. I put everything that I found into a video. Here it is:

I also spent half an hour or so with Decapre in training mode. I had a feeling that I was going to enjoy her. I didn’t, however, know just how much. She takes the best parts of Cammy and adds an incredible amount of mix up options and ridiculously fun combos. She’s, as far as I know, the only character in Ultra other than Hugo who can end a combo with an air throw. That’s a good way to win me over. Her only drawback is the fact that she is a charge character, but I’ve played enough Chun-Li in the past to be able to deal with that pretty well.

I’ll have a fresh batch of ranked match footage ready for consumption on Friday. See you then!

[edit] As of right now, I’ve put about an hour into casual Decapre matches with Breedo (Josh/Raspingwhatever). She’s main material.


I Finally Take My Ibuki Online Again to Pre-Game for the Ultra Update!

Ibuki1 My return to the world of YouTube has included a change in the title for the series. This is mainly because I wasn’t a huge fan of “Weekly Vortex,” but it also lets me keep a good grip on which videos occurred when because, you know, looking at the dates they were uploaded is pretty rough. Weekly Vortex is sort of like season one and the new On the Scene (still subject to change because I’m fickle when it comes to these things) is season two.

I’ve got a good mix of matches lined up and I hope that the new microphone has made me sound better overall. There are still some minor kinks to work out so that you guys don’t have to listen to me breathing–something like scooting the mic away from my face a few more inches–but that’s easy. I am also in the process of testing out a few different video editing software trials. If there are inconsistencies from week to week for a bit, I’ll be blaming them on that. This particular video was put together with the fabulous (compared to Windows Movie Maker) Sony Studio Platinum 13. It’s got tools that I haven’t used since Avid several years ago for some school projects.I had about six audio tracks running; it was awesome.

Since the Ultra update hits consoles on June 3rd, this will be my last Arcade Edition upload. Be sure to check back next Friday to watch me fumble around with the Ibuki changes. I’ll probably be botching all sorts of setups. Bring your earmuffs.