More Ibuki vs. Bison and a Couple of Shotos in the Mix in Today’s Weekly Vortex

IbukinewsizeWhen I sat down for my recording session earlier this week, I ended up fighting the same Bison player several times. I had enough footage of Bison matches to make an entire Bison video. I almost did it, too. Then I realized that I still have obvious shortcomings in the match-up, so I decided to take a couple of the best matches and throw some shotos into the mix.

By now, I have an incredible amount of experience as Ibuki against Bison, the problem that I currently run into online is figuring out what type of Bison I’m fighting while also trying not to lose the first round by doing so. Some Bisons like buttons a lot more than others and will walk you to the corner with their s.MK; some Bisons seem only to throw specials and the occasional sweep and spend a great deal of the match turtling and punishing mistakes that you make; then there are the ones somewhere in between. It usually takes a round for me to figure out which style the Bison employs (and I probably don’t win that match) and then I’ve got an uphill battle on my hands.

All that said, I’m getting a lot better at punishing his bad decisions. I still really need to work on punishing EX psycho crusher with Ultra 2, but that comes with experience.


Back to the Basics: More Ibuki Ranked Matches in Street Fighter!


Today’s video is a return to Street Fighter. I have LOCAL SCENE!!!! (woo!) Marvel matches coming up for the first time in a couple of weeks, but before I have a chance to get to those, I have an appointment to face off in Street Fighter against a very special guest! The exact details will remain on the down-low until the footage is actually captured, so as not to get any hopes up, but I am very excited about what the next couple of weeks have in store for! The video is set to be a first to three (or five, we haven’t decided for sure yet) and I should be recording this week at some point when our schedules sync up.

As this week has proven particularly busy already–incredibly long space opera (Leviathan Wakes) to read for class on top of the regular load, as well as a second interview for what could be a decent enough job, I’m going to be keeping the videos rather simple. I won’t be doing live or post-recording commentary, but the videos will still be uploaded and will contain the standard 3-6 matches, depending on how long each takes.

I’ve recently come under the impression that the perfect length for my video uploads is between the nine and twelve minute mark; they don’t take too long to upload at that length and, I hope, no one has time to get bored in that period.

Today is the last official day in the poll for future videos, so get those votes in! Polling will end at midnight EST!

More Marvel! This Time Featuring Commentary and A New Team Lineup!

vergilWolverine on point has been realized in today’s video. It feels good. It feels right. It feels like the sort of thing that I should have done months ago. Does this mean that I’m done with Zero? Nah. My dropping Zero permanently would be on par with Josh dropping Wesker permanently.

I mean, the first arcade stick that I ever owned was one that I built [Note to self: make a post about building arcade sticks]. I finished putting it together a couple of months before Marvel released and I said, “man, I really should put Zero on this thing.” So I was locked into maining Zero before I had even seen someone play him. Luckily, he ended up being exactly my playstyle: Low risk mixups, decent damage (incredible damage at high levels of execution) and tools to control any part of the screen when applied properly, which, oddly enough, doubles as a fair description of Ibuki.

I decided to try yet another angle on commentary in this video. Though I’m playing in the matches, I tried to keep everything third person. It just sounds better that way. Instead of having to worry about what I was thinking at any moment during the matches, I was able to–more easily–just look at the match objectively and say what I thought was going on and why I thought it was going on.

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Get hype! It’s time for me to break away from Street Fighter for a little bit and get some Marvel back in my system. In complete honesty, I haven’t played this game for more than half an hour per month since… well, I don’t even remember when. Thankfully, those little bursts of play have left my combos mostly intact; my movement and blocking, on the other hand, have suffered greatly.

I can’t really do any of the fancy touch of death Zero combos that Flocker and all those other popular Zeroes can, but I’ve still got a decent BNB that is so easy to execute that I (almost) never drop it. Wolverine is simple enough for a toddler to pick up and do what I’m doing, so he’s golden, and Doom is Doom. If his foot touches you, you’re as good as dead. The team that I currently run is incredibly high tier, which is something uncommon for me (Ibuki has only pretty recently been accepted as above a solid C tier character). At one point, I even had Vergil instead of Wolverine. I dare you to make a higher tier team than that!

Check back Friday for some more Marvel footage as I work the kinks out of my movement and blocking and maybe even brave a lightning loop attempt or two on film.

This video is just one of the many directions that future content could take. If you like it, let me know in my poll, which will remain open until January 28th!

Weekly Vortex 23: Chun-Li Ranked Matches

Chun Ultra KO

Today’s video is stylistically different than past videos, as I’ve decided to treat it like a standard Vlog. I chose this structure because I’m playing Chun-Li and my decision making, my neutral game, my combos, pretty much everything about my Chun-Li is borderline novice. That being the case, I didn’t feel commentary the most appropriate approach for adding voice to the video. As three matches take place in the background, I discuss my history with Chun-Li, what I like about her and what I don’t like about her in soothing baritone. Oh yes.

Also, be sure to vote in Tuesday’s poll if you haven’t already. I want to know what you guys want to see so I can make more appropriate content for future videos. Tell me what you like! The poll will be open until January 28th.

What do You Want to See From Weekly Vortex Videos in the Coming Months?

I play a lot of Street Fighter IV, but I also play other things. I’ve had a couple of friends who follow the blog ask me, “man, why haven’t you finished your Dark Souls level 1 run?” or, “what happened to the Injustice ranked matches?” I don’t know, honestly. I just really like playing Ibuki, I really like learning new characters in Street Fighter IV  and I end up doing a lot of that and using it as the sole source of footage for my weekly videos, but I’m more than willing to record some different stuff as requested.

What I want to know is, what do you, oh denizens of the internet, want to see in future video content? I’m open to pretty much anything. I’d like to do a few fighting game videos per month, but those don’t all have to be Street Fighter. I have access to most current generation fighting games (no Killer Instinct, no recent BlazBlue, but I will be getting Chrono Phantasm when it drops). I’m also toying with PC game capture at the moment and could use all sorts of different Steam games.

I’ve included a poll with the options that seem most apparent to me. If you have an idea for something that you’d like to see, or even a method for employing things on the list (ranked with a new character, for example) leave the suggestion in the comments!



Ranked Matches and a Brief Bison Match-up Lecture

Ibuki KO

That’s right, I shoved a mini lecture into today’s video. I’m very passionate about the Bison match-up as an Ibuki player, because it’s her worst. She has other bad ones–most grapplers come to mind–but none quite so bad as Dictator. The problems with the match-up, as I mention in great detail mid-video, stem from his vastly superior mid range tools and his ability to turn Ibuki’s vortex game on its head. Ibuki players seriously have to consider just not bothering with vortexing him at all, as he can, given the right circumstances, punish Ibuki when she feels safest, or reset the situation entirely, forcing her to find a way in again.

It’s not quite like Dee Jay or Zangief who can escape kunai-related setups for free–via upkicks and lariat, respectively–it’s a different sort of thing. It’s like rock paper scissors: Bison’s wakeup choice dictates (I’m so sorry, I had to say it) what will happen and forces Ibuki, as the aggressor, to guess while Bison is also guessing. It’s very strange, and the match featured includes this situation multiple times as I get knockdown after knockdown and am faced with a choice that I rarely make correctly.

I also fight a Cammy and a Fei-Long, but nothing really stands up to the hype of the Bison match included.