A Dark Hado New Year

ERyu U2Now that we’re on the other side of Christmas, it’s time to get some more match videos uploaded! This is my first official Tuesday video post and what better way to kick off the post-holiday season than with some more Evil Ryu ranked matches? If you’ve seen my other Evil Ryu video, you may notice that my footsies and neutral game have drastically improved in this week’s video. They aren’t perfect, mind you, but the improvements are definitely there. I make use of s.HP multiple times and with much success, as well as overall better fireball spacing and general poking with c.MK. Things are really starting to come together.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s easy to get in the habit of avoiding the neutral game altogether when you play a cahracter like Ibuki that relies so heavily on setups to keep her pressure going. Though Ibuki does have a couple of good buttons–f+LK, c.MP–and a decent spacing tool from LK Tsumuji, there’s a lot left to be desired. Having very little setup knowledge with Evil Ryu, besides one very specific safe jump, has forced me to keep my feet on the ground and keep the fireballs flying–from a safe distance, of course.


Dark Hado Rising

Balrog hit him in the head so hard that a hole appeared in his chest. Gross.

Balrog hit him in the head so hard that a hole appeared in his chest. Gross.

I’ve been preparing for the release of Ultra behind closed doors. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m terrified of delayed wakeup in its current state (and I doubt it’ll change), so I’m exploring other characters in the event that Ibuki becomes far too weak in the update. This week, I’m playing Evil Ryu. I’ve taken Evil Ryu online on two other occasions–once on XBL, once on PC–without the prying eyes of my game capture device upon me. I don’t play as nervously when I know no one but the guy I’m spamming SRKs at can see me. It’s nice. But the time has come to reveal my incredibly basic Evil Ryu to the YouTubes and the Blogosphere (if that’s still even a word).

It’s a long set. I actually put six matches on the reel. Why? Well, they were all pretty quick, honestly. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that I fought the same guy three times. He really wanted to run it back, so I nearly let him with needless shoryuken spam at the end of our final confrontation–the seed of bad shoto habits is sewn. Overall, I did much better than I’ve been doing with this character privately. I actually landed some (really basic) long-ish shoto combos that I’m proud of and was able to keep the fireball pressure up at safe distances, and move on to other options when fireballs weren’t safe.

I’m also very excited to announce that I got a weekend blogging spot at shoryuken.com! This means that I will be trying to shift my longer fighting game posts over to their site to provide large chunks of content for their weekend viewers. Obviously, I’ll not be doing a direct transfer of the work already present on my site, but my future content of that nature will likely be on their front page instead of my own. This means that I’ll (again, likely) be shifting to a two video per week setup here on kunaivortex–one on Tuesday, one on Friday. At least that’s the plan for the next couple of weeks. So be sure to keep an eye on SRK this weekend for my upcoming content!

Weekly Vortex 17: A Cornered Tanuki

Ibuki KOSometimes when you play ranked matches, you pull from the same group of five or so people for an extended period of time. Sometimes, you fight the same guy a couple of times in a row. This week’s video has a good deal of that. Today, Josh and I open with an Ibuki mirror (his personal favorite, especially when I get vortexed), followed by C. Viper twice and we wrap things up with a couple of matches against the 43rd Gief on XBox Live. Most Ibuki players hate the Zangief matchup, but I don’t. It’s the kind of match that forces me into a ground game that I tend not to play (that I need to play more). I tend to jump around and derp through the skies tossing handful of kunai after glorious handful of kunai. Gief shuts that shit down. He protects the skies from that kind of thing with his Siberian Blizzard Ultra. Once his Ultra pops, jumping near him is a terrible idea–so is backdashing, especially if your backdash has as many aerial frames as Ibuki’s. Over all, the matches featured in this video show off the sort of Ibuki that I need to be playing more often–the sort of Ibuki that I don’t bother playing when I think that I’ve got the upper hand from the onset of the match. There’s something about staring down incredibly high PP and BP that makes me play better.

Weekly I had my Shot and Missed it: Episode 16

Ibuki KO

Somtimes I feel like I should change this to Ibuki getting Ultra’d by someone

It’s been a big couple of weeks for me: my first round of Graduate-level finals are underway (though they’re totally non-traditional, they’re still scary), the much-anticipated beta for Starbound officially started a couple of days ago and, as some of you may know, I’m in the running to soon become writer for SRK! Needless to say, I’m thrilled beyond words that I could, in the very near future, have my foot in the door toward the job I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid. I’ve always wanted to write about games–or help create them–and I may actually get that opportunity!

This week, the matches are good. They’re really good. They’re so good that, sometimes, Josh just completely stops talking–if you can believe it–in awe of what he’s seeing unfold on the screen. I managed to cram five matches into this video, as the talking between matches–and thus, the joke threads that tend to run for the duration of a video–just isn’t as common. I was able, then, to cut out most of the lobby screens and just get right into the fighting. This week I take on two Sagats, a C. Viper, an Oni and a Cody. C. Viper still terrifies me to no end and it doesn’t help that this one was in the top 100 for his character. I still think she feels out of place in the game; super jumps (which Ibuki also has) and the ability to special cancel air normals? She’s an out-of-place Marvel character. I honestly can’t believe she isn’t more popular.

I’m also happy to announce that yesterday marked the first birthday of KunaiVortex.com! Over this year, the site has undergone some serious changes: from posts popping up seemingly at random, to a twice-per-week post schedule (that I’ve managed, more or less, to keep going), the implementation of weekly video content and the addition of guests in said content. I’ve learned a lot maintaining this website and hope to keep it going for a long time. That said, in the event that I do make the cut and end up part of the SRK team, I will likely shift this site more toward the video content-only side of the spectrum, with text-based posts coming much less frequently. That doesn’t mean that my walls of text will stop appearing entirely, but it does mean that they’ll (likely) be less common, at least while I get used to producing content for two sites at once.

Thank you to everyone who has kept checking the site out over the last year. You guys are the reason I’ve kept the content coming!