Aeons Later…

After roughly forty thousand hours of recording (…roughly) I’ve been unable to force my audio de-synchronization issue to rear it’s earless head for a third time.  I suppose at this point that I can assume that its two occurrences were merely flukes.  This proves quite the boon as I’ve decided to ramp up the production of video content!

Today, I have two new (well, new to the blog, anyway) videos to show off.  The first features my Ibuki’s participation in an all-grappler showdown–seriously, there were nothing but T. Hawks and Zangiefs romping around ranked that day, it was really weird.  Marvel as I lob kunai into the chests of multiple burly fellows so as to avoid their sweaty man hugs; gasp collectively as I tsumuji a million times; shed a tear of joy as T. Hawk… gets a runback?

The second new (new to everyone!) video was just uploaded a couple of hours ago and is my first Injustice video.  I am currently in a state of flux between multiple members of the cast, unable to decide on who to main.  This week I have decided to hit some people  with my ring hand in a style that Gregory Peck would certainly appreciate.  My eternal sparring partner and I fought a rather lengthy set earlier this week and here are the results:

So far, I really enjoy playing Hal, but he isn’t really my style at all.  I seldom bother with zoners and often decide to focus on whatever rushdown abilities they happen to possess, which usually isn’t much.  Luckily, Mr. Jordan has some pretty swell mid-range tools that I repeatedly use to open up Black Adam’s defense.  Once I have a solid grasp of some of his other strings, he may end up being the main of my dreams, but for now he will remain a third side project.


My First Video Upload!

Well, sort of.  This video is, however, my first upload using a real video capture device instead of balancing a cell phone atop a stack of textbooks even in height with my TV stand and hoping things turn out alright.  Earlier this week I purchased an Elgato Game Capture HD and finally got a chance to put it to the test this afternoon.

In this first run, I decided to take my Ibuki online to do a few ranked matches.  The video contains raw footage, including lobby screens, as I was just trying things out.  As this is a test run, I have noticed a couple of general errors that occur during the video, first of which being a sort of reset that happens midway through the second match and the audio shifts about 30 seconds out of sync as the video progresses, which makes viewing the video while muted a very wise choice.  I am, at present, uncertain what caused these issues, but anticipate a drastic improvement in future uploads and intend to leave this video as-is for the time being.

Look forward to more video uploads in the future, each more polished than the last.  Enjoy!